Singapore is Asia’s leading destination for companies looking to expand to one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions. From finding the best talent to getting lucrative tax benefits, registering a business in Singapore comes with many perks - but finding the right company secretary to assist you in the journey can make the process dramatically faster and more efficient.

CSLB Asia’s team of company secretaries have incorporated a wide range of companies - from solopreneur businesses to fast growing startups and VCs to the subsidiaries of global MNCs - across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. We also work across various company structures and can help you make the right changes to benefit from the local regulations.

Whether you are a foreigner, local or representing a company that wishes to set up operations in Asia, our friendly team would be happy to advise you on how your company can benefit from the city-state’s pro-business policies and tax regulations.

We can help you with:

Company Incorporation

●       Partnerships
●       Private Limited Companies
●       Branch offices, Subsidiaries and Representative Offices
●       Limited Liability Partnerships

Company Administration Services

●      Provision of local company secretary
●      Provision of registered office address for the company
●      Provision of resident local director
●      Provision of local nominee shareholder
●      Maintenance of statutory records
●      Filing of annual returns
●      Advice and implementation of changes to company structure (corporate restructuring)
●      Company dissolution and windup

Company Incorporation in other Asian jurisdictions

●      Hong Kong
●      Malaysia
●      Australia

Other compliance-related services

●      Immigration and Work Pass Matters
●      Accounting
●      Tax Advisory

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